About Wrocław

Visiting Wrocław is a special treat for every tourist! The capital of Lower Silesia is a lively centre of cultural, academic and scientific life. With all the unique architectural and cultural attributes it has an appealing character all its own. Thus, not without reason Wrocław was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture 2016.

Despite the Second World War and its destruction, many historic buildings have been preserved or afterwards carefully restored. Therefore, you can admire here old architectural sights as well as many new contemporary projects. During your visit to Wrocław you should see the magnificent Market Square and the climatic Cathedral Island, walk along many Oder riverfronts and boulevards or take a round-trip by an antique tram.

In Wroclaw you have a wide choice of museums and art galleries worth visiting. If you like music, get tickets to the Opera, the Musical Theatre Capitol or the National Forum of Music, you will admire the performances there! If you like nature (and still have some time) visit the Botanical Garden, the Japanese Garden or the Zoological Garden with a unique Afrikarium.

When you walk through Wrocław, keep our eyes wide open: on the pavements, lanterns, window sills and cornices you can spot some of over 300 Wrocław’s Dwarfs, who have settled in well here.

You are welcome in Wrocław, the city of dwarfs!